If you are comfortable with betting and in particular, horse race betting then there is nothing to fear about placing a bet on greyhound racing. As you can imagine, many of the aspects are similar in both and any skills picked up in learning how one discipline works can easily be transferred over to another. This also counts for the way the odds are laid out, the variety of bets that can be placed and in studying the form of the competitors. All of these similar aspects should enable many sports betting fans to quickly come to terms with what is required for successful greyhound race betting and should see them enjoy the process as much as they would do with any other sports bets they participate in.

The odds follow a similar pattern with the greyhound expected to win featuring short odds. There are of course other factors which can influence the odds placed on a greyhound but by and large, the likelihood winning will shape the odds the most. If a greyhound is heavily backed, for example a local owner may be entering a race and there is a groundswell of local support this can lead to the odds being lower than they may have been as the bookmaker tempers their likelihood of losing a lot of money. Equally, sometimes a bookmaker will offer slightly long odds in an attempt to drive customers to their shop or business which means that a better return could be had on the betting investment placed on greyhound racing.

However, as a general rule, the odds are the most commonly perceived likelihood of a certain event occurring so the greyhound that is expected to win the race will usually have the shortest odds available. This will continue throughout the filed until coming to the rank outsiders whose odds will be extremely high. The potential returns if this greyhound wins are large and obviously very attractive to punters but the chances of this greyhound winning are much lower than the other greyhounds so there is less potential for the greyhound to win. Balancing the probability of receiving a return on investment and chasing after a big win is a quandary that many betting fans have and greyhound racing is no different.

The odds are usually laid out in two manners, the fraction form and the decimal for. Both of these styles of odds are extremely simple to use and neither of them offer a financial incentive for choosing one over the other. This means that the betting person can choose the style of odds which they feel most comfortable with, which should hopefully help them in their betting activities. The fraction style is the most traditional form of odds used in greyhound racing and provides the gambler with what they should be expected to see for their money if their choice wins. The decimal style of odds are more commonly associated with mainland European betting and is becoming increasingly popular with the online betting community. Whatever choice of odds are used shouldn’t make a difference to the outcome or the potential returns of betting but one style is likely to be easier for a betting fan over another so finding the right choice for you is vital to get the most enjoyment and returns from your betting activity.