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Hockey Award Ceremonies in Las Vegas

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The awarding of the trophies for the rookie of the year, the outstanding goalie along with several other awards to outstanding players from the regular season is taking place this year in a whole new venue.

The NHL has announced that this year, for the first time, their annual awards ceremonies are going to be taken to Las Vegas. The Post season ceremonies and Stanley Cup is going to Vegas. What better venue for a sports ceremony?

The Vegas trip will serve as what will be the first of a three year agreement they made with the Las Vegas Convention.

The 2009 awards which will be the first in history to be in Las Vegas are also going to be broadcast, live as they happen. coming to us from the Pearl Concert Theater, the broadcasts will take place on CBC in Canada and on VERSUS in the U.S.

The broadcast from Vegas is going to bring together celebrities, business professionals, the fans and the players in an event that is unheard of in the awards ceremonies.

The fans of NHL are going to be able to buy tickets this year to attend the NHL awards in Las Vegas. How cool is that?

“We are so thrilled to be the host of the 2009 NHL Awards,” said Palms Owner George Maloof. “Working with the National Hockey League in bringing this event to Las Vegas is something that will be great for our community.”

As part and parcel of the excitement, the NHL Awards Vegas Getaway” sweepstakes was out there to bring the fans their opportunity to sit in and join the celebration. The sweepstakes is offering two tickets to the awards ceremony along with being included in the after party as well as the airfare that it will take to get you there.

The Vegas NHL Awards are going to be big. They will include some of the top performing players of the entire season as well as the Hart Trophy, the Vezina Trophy and the Calder Trophy for the outstanding rookie of the year.

If you missed the Stanley Cup playoffs and haven’t gotten to see much hockey this year, you’ve still got a chance to rub elbows with the greats of hockey. Get yourself to Las Vegas and check out the awards ceremonies.

Stanley Cup Champions

Pittsburgh Penguins – Stanley Cup Champions

The 7th final ended with a 2-1 away victory for Pittsburgh. A bit unexpected, since no team has won the game 7 on the road since 1971, and the 6 previous games in the final ended with home win!

Superstars Crosby and Malkin didn´t score in any of the last 3 games, instead the names of the heroes are Talbot, scoring both in the 7th game, and Fleury. Keeper Fleury made 23 saves and showed everyone that he can win a big game.

Crosby was hurt in the second period and did´t play much after that, and Malkin didn´t find the space he needs. But Crosby is the youngest Captain ever to lift the trophy. Malkin was the top scorer of the play offs and awarded the Conn Smyth Trophy as the most valuable player. He was the first Russian player to get that award and he has really made a great season.

The Red Wings were of course very disappointed, they were up 2-0 and 3-2 in the series and had a great chance to win their second consecutive title. Why didn´t Red Wings defend the title? They lacked a bit of their usual discipline and made some mistakes they had to pay for. Also, the team was a bit unlucky in the end of game 7 when Kronwall hit the bar and Lidström had the goal wide open but missed.

Another reason was the injury situation in Detroit with many injured keyplayers. One of them was Captain Lidström, who was just one of many playing despite injuries.

Pittsburgh had a strange season, as runner ups, they struggled to reach the play offs. With some weeks left coach Therrien was fired and Bylsma came in as the youngest head coach of NHL. The team found the spirit again and the rest is history.

My guess is that there will be some serious celebrating in Pittsburgh this summer…
You must say that Pittsburgh is worthy champions. Congratulations to the team and to owner Lemieux, the best player the world has ever seen in my opinion!

How to bet on greyhound racing

If you are comfortable with betting and in particular, horse race betting then there is nothing to fear about placing a bet on greyhound racing. As you can imagine, many of the aspects are similar in both and any skills picked up in learning how one discipline works can easily be transferred over to another. This also counts for the way the odds are laid out, the variety of bets that can be placed and in studying the form of the competitors. All of these similar aspects should enable many sports betting fans to quickly come to terms with what is required for successful greyhound race betting and should see them enjoy the process as much as they would do with any other sports bets they participate in.

The odds follow a similar pattern with the greyhound expected to win featuring short odds. There are of course other factors which can influence the odds placed on a greyhound but by and large, the likelihood winning will shape the odds the most. If a greyhound is heavily backed, for example a local owner may be entering a race and there is a groundswell of local support this can lead to the odds being lower than they may have been as the bookmaker tempers their likelihood of losing a lot of money. Equally, sometimes a bookmaker will offer slightly long odds in an attempt to drive customers to their shop or business which means that a better return could be had on the betting investment placed on greyhound racing.

However, as a general rule, the odds are the most commonly perceived likelihood of a certain event occurring so the greyhound that is expected to win the race will usually have the shortest odds available. This will continue throughout the filed until coming to the rank outsiders whose odds will be extremely high. The potential returns if this greyhound wins are large and obviously very attractive to punters but the chances of this greyhound winning are much lower than the other greyhounds so there is less potential for the greyhound to win. Balancing the probability of receiving a return on investment and chasing after a big win is a quandary that many betting fans have and greyhound racing is no different.

The odds are usually laid out in two manners, the fraction form and the decimal for. Both of these styles of odds are extremely simple to use and neither of them offer a financial incentive for choosing one over the other. This means that the betting person can choose the style of odds which they feel most comfortable with, which should hopefully help them in their betting activities. The fraction style is the most traditional form of odds used in greyhound racing and provides the gambler with what they should be expected to see for their money if their choice wins. The decimal style of odds are more commonly associated with mainland European betting and is becoming increasingly popular with the online betting community. Whatever choice of odds are used shouldn’t make a difference to the outcome or the potential returns of betting but one style is likely to be easier for a betting fan over another so finding the right choice for you is vital to get the most enjoyment and returns from your betting activity.

US Open features real life heroes

The US Open, just around the corner, has more than just great golf this year, but along with it, offers up something that’s not exactly common in a sport like golf. The US Open this year brings us some real life heroes to engage our imagination and engender our enthusiasm.
Tiger Woods is back to defend a title that he won and become the first player in twenty odd years to win back to back events.
The last player to win the U.S. Open in back to back style was Curtis Strange, who has been in demand to answer questions lately about how he got there. Tiger Woods is now getting his chance to repeat a history that seems to have eluded multiple golfers.

“Bethpage feeds right into his game,” Strange said. “It eliminates even more players in the field than most Opens because it’s a long, hard golf course. After his performance last week, and all the skeptics writing him off, I think he’s (Woods) a heavy, heavy favorite.”
Tiger Woods is the stuff heroes are made of limping his way to a win at Torrey Pines last year in spite of a fracture of his left leg and ligaments that were more than shredded, causing that he end his season early and check in for surgery just a scant week or so later.

A win will give Woods a Grand Slam of double ups, having already won back to back Masters Events, British Open Events and PGA Championship events in his lifetime. Tiger being Tiger, he’s obviously the odds on favorite to win this year, but he’s not the only comeback and he’s not the only hero that the media, and the fans will be rooting for.

The primary competition for Woods will be Mickelson, who everyone thought might be out of the events when his wife of sixteen years, Amy, was diagnosed with breast cancer last month.
He immediately stopped his PGA schedule of events, and moved to be with his wife, but it was indicated by some further tests that perhaps the cancer may have been detected early enough that she need not be rushed headlong into surgery.

Mickelson and his wife, who has encouraged his play, may in fact make the US Open this year less about green and more about pink as he, already a darling of the media, plays in her honor.

Successful Betting

The Essential Elements of Successful Betting

This article covers the three essential elements of successful betting:

· Selection systems

· Analysis of past results

· Staking strategies

Understanding these three elements will not guarantee success. However, not understanding them will almost guarantee failure, unless you are extremely lucky.

The first thing that a would-be backer or layer of horses needs is a selection system. Well, that is the first logical step, isn’t it?

So, armed with a winning selection system, you begin placing random amounts on your system’s selections. You then wonder why you lose money day after day. ‘Oh well’, you say, ‘the horse was unlucky’, ‘it had an off day’, ‘it was ridden badly’, ‘the ground was unsuitable’ and ‘the horse prefers left-handed tracks’ etc. We have all heard these excuses and we have even used one or two of them, haven’t we?

Occasionally, you get lucky and have the odd win. Sometimes, you have the odd good day or two. But, in the long run, your losses exceed your winnings.

Given that you don’t keep any records of your betting activity, you have no idea whether you have a successful system or not.

So, is getting a system the first logical move?

In my opinion – certainly not!

To be a successful backer or layer of horses, three things are required:

1. A system to select horses.

2. A method to record and analyse your betting history.

3. A staking strategy.

Do not try and cut corners. To be successful, all three are needed before you should venture forth into the world of betting. Otherwise …

Let’s cover the selection of horses first:

Selection System

Even a bad selection system, strangely enough, is better than no selection system at all. Here’s why:

If you are a person who selects horses based upon its name or your lucky number, the results, and thus winnings, will be totally random. It will therefore be difficult to analyse past results in a meaningful way and it will also be difficult to improve the system’s strike rate and therefore profits. More importantly, it will be difficult to stem losses because the reason for them will be totally random.

If you use this type of ‘method’ to select horses, then good luck to you. You may well need it.

If you use a system, no matter how bad it is, and you stick to it religiously, you will be able to analyse your past results effectively. You will then be in a position to identify which factors are the most important in determining whether or not you will win your future bets.

If your past results can be analysed, then those factors which are causing the system to win or lose can be identified. As a result, you are in a position to modify your future betting strategy. This can lead to an increase in your system’s strike rate and a corresponding increase in the profitability of your system.

So where do you find a selection system?

Firstly, within yourself. Most people who are drawn to horse racing have opinions on horses. They have theories relating to the outcome of races. If you are such a person, now is your chance to prove yourself.

If you don’t have your own system and can’t or don’t want to create one, then consider obtaining one from the internet. Some you may have to purchase but others are absolutely free.

So, now you have a system. That’s the first step dealt with!

Even at this stage, it would be foolhardy to place bets using your system. You need to prove that your selected system works. So, once you have selected a system, you should trial it for a period of at least one month. A three month trial period would be better still. During this period you should simply record the selections identified by your system, your intended stakes and the odds at the time that you would have placed your bets. Following the race, you should record the results of the races and what your profit or loss would have been had you placed your bets. Under no circumstances, should you place any bets during the trial period. At this stage, it would be far better to have patience rather than an empty bank account!

Analysis of Past Results

As I stated earlier, even a bad selection system is better than no selection system at all. The reason for this is that the results of even a bad system can be analysed and valid conclusions reached whereas it is pointless analysing the results of a totally random system since the results will also be totally random.

So, how do we go about analysing our past results?

Firstly, we record a few basic facts about each of the selections which your system selects. I would suggest that at least the following are recorded:

· Name of selection

· Date and time of race

· Name of track

· Going

· Jockey

· Trainer

· Draw

· Weight

· Form

· Weather

· Type of race

· Number of horses in race

· Starting price

· Position in betting at start of race

· Stake

· Odds

· Result of race

· Finishing position of your selection

· Name of winning horse

· Winning jockey

· Winning trainer

· Weight of winner

· Form of winner

· Starting price of winner

You may also wish to record additional information since the above is only the bare minimum that should be recorded. Some examples of additional information that you may wish to record are:-

· Whether or not the selection was wearing any form of head gear e.g. blinkers

· Whether the selection drifted in the betting market

I’m sure that you can identify additional data which you feel may be worth recording.

Having identified the data that you will record, you will then need a method to record it in such a way that it can be analysed as quickly and efficiently as possible. Although this can obviously be achieved using pen and paper, it is probably not the most efficient method available since it is slow, time-consuming and prone to error. The most effective method is to use a PC and a commercially-available spreadsheet application such as Excel or a commercially-available database application such as Access. If you are unfamiliar with the use of PCs, spreadsheets and databases, it is strongly recommended that you become familiar since their use will pay huge dividends.

Once you have recorded the data, you may then begin to analyse your past results. This will allow you to determine which of your bets are profitable and which are not. Identifying your unprofitable bets will allow you to modify your future betting strategy and will help to eliminate potential future losses. As a result, your betting activities will become more profitable.